Adventure,  Fellowship & Fun



Player Corporation

Welcome to the Voidrunner Republic.

A home for Eve Online capsuleers to explore any and all aspects of New Eden.

Adventure, fellowship and fun is at the core of the Voidrunner Republic ethos.

We are a Hi-Sec, industry focused corp looking primarily for capsuleers who have an inclination to build the stuff other pilots like to blow up.  

We provide a structured and social corp experince with ridiculously grandiose goals to help encourage our members to get the most out of their time exploring the Eve universes. 

When not mining, manufacturing, researching and inventing, we let off steam doing all the other mischief capsuleers get up to in New Eden. From exploration and encounters to crazy delves into the depths of mysterious wormholes - and everything in between.

Check out our corp ethos and goals on this site. If we've piqued your interest click on 'join us' opposite for details on how to contact our in-game recruiters.

o7 Fly safe! o7