Voidrunner Republic Code of Conduct

Voidrunner Republic reserve the right to update the following corp Code of Conduct at any time

1] Our members are honest in their dealings with one another and the wider Eve Online community

Voidrunner Republic members are honest and trustworthy. They do not lie, cheat or deceive. They do not scam each other or anyone else. This means all our members are representatives and ambassadors for our corp ethics and ethos. 


2] Our members treat all players both inside and outside the Voidrunner Republic with respect

Voidrunner Republic members are respectful and honourable. We do not tolerate personal attacks, 'smack talk' or abuse. Members should not spam chat channels or engage in any piratical activities, such as ganking, ransoming or can flipping.  Voiders should also avoid any activity that could impact or endanger the wider Voidrunner community. VRR are not a PvP Pirate corp.

3] Our members keep all communication free of inappropriate content

a) Mature, adult conversion - via in-game corp chat or Discord - is welcome. However, this should be tempered by maintaining a standard of decorum (behaviour in keeping with good taste and propriety) in all communications.


b) Profanity. Members should avoid profanity where possible. While occasional mild profanity is tolerated, it should not be common. 

c) Politics and Religion: Conversation about clearly divisive topics, such as real-world politics or religion should be avoided. It inevitably leads to arguments and can ruin otherwise good online relationships. There's enough drama and saltiness  in New Eden without importing division and negativity from the real world. 

d) Sexual or off-colour comments should also be avoided.

e) Racist, bigoted or otherwise offensive language or discussion is not tolerated in any shape of form. 

f) Discriminatory behaviour towards any member with known disabilities is never tolerated. 


g) Boorish behaviour or blowhard self-aggrandization is not welcome. It's simple - be nice!


h) Colloquialisms. Members should be mindful that local customs, colloquialisms, references or even humour may not be understood or may be misinterpreted by other members from different world regions. 

4] Our members do not violate the EVE Online End User Licence Agreement (EULA) or Terms of Service

CCP, the developers of EVE Online, set out an End User Licence Agreement and Terms of Service when players sign up to play EVE Online. These must be followed at all times. This means for example that members cannot share accounts with other people, give their account away to someone else or purchase ISK or items for real money (aside from PLEX from CCP approved retailers).


They also must not harass new players in the starting "rookie" systems. Voidrunner Republic strictly upholds these rules, and any member found to have violated the EULA or the terms of service will be removed from the corporation.

5] Our members are free to make their own choices

Voidrunner Republic does not require members to live in certain star-systems or log in at specific times. EVE Online is a sandbox, and members are encouraged to try out any areas of the game they want, as long as their actions do not conflict with the Voidrunner Republic rules.


We have no minimum activity requirements, though we do remove members who have not logged into the game for more than three months. If members are removed for inactivity, they are welcome to apply to re-join Voidrunner Republic when they are active in EVE Online again.

6] Our members are encouraged to balance 'self 'with 'service'

When new capsuleers first join the Voidrunner Republic, they will be focused on learning how the game works and trying out what Voidrunner Republic has to offer. However, once our members have gained some experience and knowledge, they are encouraged to pass this on to other players.


Voidrunner Republic is run by volunteers giving up their personal 'game-time' and relies a great deal on all members helping and supporting each other. For this reason, once our members are sufficiently experienced, they are expected to help others, either individually or by applying for a dedicated corp role such as an Activity Lead.

7] Drunk in charge of a fleet!

In general members should not assume a leadership or command role in a fleet if they are stoned or intoxicated, as it risks the safety of the fleet. Sometimes exceptions are made for pre-announced fleets and events.  What you do the rest of the time is up to you, keeping in the corp Code of Conduct at all times


8] Inactive member policy


a) In order to keep our numbers reasonable and the corporation generally active, we remove members who have not logged into the game at all in over 3 months. The limit is intended to avoid removing members taking short term breaks from the game for holidays etc, while still remaining low enough to ensure an active player base.


Very rarely, someone who has contributed a significant amount to Voidrunner Republic - normally as a Director or long-standing Activity Lead - will be given Long Term Inactive (LTI) status, meaning they will not be removed for inactivity. However, this is something that is gifted rather than requested.


If a member needs to take a break from the game for any reason, they are welcome to drop Voidrunner Republic of their own accord if they wish to. Being removed for inactivity will not affect a member's ability to apply to re-join Voidrunner Republic later on and if they apply to re-join within 30 days of being removed, they will qualify for fast track re-entrance.

b) Cuckoo in the nest. Members are not permitted to have characters in the corp with no allocated roles (or who reject corp roles), simply to use VRR as 'cover' to facilitate other characters out with VRR, for example to use VRR to scout for characters engaged in wars. Members suspected of simply using VRR and its services for entirely ther own ends, with no little or no engagement with the VRR community, will be kicked from the corp.


9] Third Party applications

Members are required to log into the EVE help centre and makes sure that no Third Party application (or previous corp, via API keys) still has access to character information that could compromise VRR such as corp mail access. 

10] VRR character ('alt') limit

Voidrunner Republic only accept a maximum of three characters (one primary and two 'alts') per member.