CEO 'Mac' MacSver

Hello and welcome visitor.


A bit about me. I’ve been playing EVE Online almost since its inception back in the pioneering days of 2003. MacSver – or simply ‘Mac’ – is my oldest and most accomplished character. A bit of a New Eden polymath, having dabbled in most aspects of the game to a greater or lesser extent over the years.

In ‘real life’ I live in Scotland, UK, with my wife and uni student son. I’m recently retired from a career in senior management and so, finally, I’ve the time to indulge my passions – one of which is playing internet spaceships.

Like most players, I’ve taken intermittent ‘EVE-breaks’ from time to time due to those irksome real-life commitments. And again, like many, I keep coming back. EVE gets under your skin. I’ve managed successful corps and been a member of others, from small Hi-Sec concerns to large Null-Sec corporations, all with their own unique way of operating. And I’ve made good friends both online and offline from all over the world.

So why start a new corp now? It’s a good question; a wee voice keeps shouting, "Och, are ye mad!"

I know from experience that starting and running a corp can be challenging. But now I’ve more free-time to dedicate it's an opportunity I’m going to grasp. A chance to put into practice the knowledge and experience I’ve picked up over the years flying countless digital spaceships on madcap death or glory adventures.


And founding Voidrunner Republic is where I want to pick up the next chapter of my EVE Online story…