Voidrunner Republic Ethos & Goals

An EVE corp is a real community.


Eve Online is one of those rare MMOs where genuine long-term community friendships often develop both online and offline. Real people from diverse backgrounds, experiences and cultures logging on to New Eden to play internet spaceships together.

The creation of a player corporation should never be taken for granted. As in real life, an element of leadership, ownership and responsibility should be held by those seeking to mobilise a community of players.


In game characters aside, we are real people behind the keyboard dedicating our limited leisure time to enjoy an activity together - that's important to remember. Mutual respect and camaraderie is at the core or the Voidrunner Republic ethos.


A casual corp?

The term ‘casual corp’ is often bandied about by corp recruiters. This is a misnomer. What does casual in this context mean? It could mean different things to different players. At its core, I guess it simply means ‘real life comes first’.  Absolutely. That is manifest. And playing should be fun too. A well organised corp should have an active and motivated membership. 


That's said, we're looking for players that are self-motivated when it comes to the 'sandbox' nature of life in New Eden. Whilst we run voluntary corp ops, you should not expect - or want - to have your hand held every time you log on, with other players organising your gameplay for you. There may be corps out there that do that, VRR are not one of them. Think of us a more like a private members club where you meet up, rest and regroup with like minded Voiders to swap tall stories, advice and make deals.


Eve is just a game, right?

A game yes, but it’s a unique MMO that requires quite some commitment - particularly time - to play to its strengths. It’s a tough solo game. It’s at its best when joining a fleet up to blow stuff up with fellow capsuleers and hence the proclivity to forming player corporations.


It's a massive, intricate and sometimes a bewilderingly frustrating player driven sandbox game. A good corp will help and encourage, guide and support its members to explore all that is to offer in New Eden.


What type of EVE Online corporation is Voidrunner Republic?

A Hi-Sec based, industry orientated outfit (at least for now!) with a nod towards a bit of everything else on the side. We offer a structured corp experience to all-at-sea rookies or grizzled old salts from all time zones who wish to share our delusions of lofty ambition and ridiculously grandiose goals. Bullheaded PvP braggarts need not apply.


Voidrunner Republic do not expect or require our members to participate in corp activities. Everything is purely optional. If a member simply wants to enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie provided by a player corp, but mostly do their own thing, that is absolutely fine. It's their gaming time. No one else's.

Conversely, if members want to fully engage with the corps evolution then roles and activities will be developed to delve into any and all aspects of Eve. Members should have access to as little or as much reckless adventure as they dare, with their fellow Voiders at their shoulder.

Corp Tax?

Voidrunner Republic will always endeavour to maintain the lowest corporation tax as possible for our members. Our standing corp tax is 1%. We’re not about making huge sums of corp isk for projects that only benefit a few members or flatter the egos of veterans with deep pockets.


We are about maximising the financial opportunities for our individual members, whether a  penniless rookie pilot or a multi-billionaire. The tax rate may increase to support corp agreed initiatives or extraordinary circumstances, however the Voidrunner Republic is committed to never exceeding 2%. We do not have a hand in your pocket. You earn it, you should keep as much as is practical.


What about corp goals?

Most successful player corporations need some sort of ‘grand plan’, goals or objectives - both short and long-term - regardless the scope of the corps’ ambitions.


Otherwise there is little difference from being a member of one of the default NPC corporations - just with a less crowded chat. Without any form of direction, a corp can just become a clique of individual players where more often the corp chat channel becomes the focus point, rather than for the purpose fleeting-up to get into crazy adventures together.

Our members will have sight of a list of agreed short, medium and long-term corp goals so they can be confident their individual efforts are contributing to an overall 'roadmap' as the corp develops.


We're starting small, but our ambitions are what we want them to be. Get the basics right, create a solid corp foundation, and anything in New Eden is possible.