Voidrunner Republic Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Voidrunner Republic a Hi-sec, Null-sec or Low-sec corp?

For practicality, Voidrunner Republic will establish and start recruitment in Hi-Sec space. Long-term, we’d like to work towards operating in all security space, including wormholes and null-sec.

What is the Voidrunner Republics current area of focus?

We’re a Hi-Sec, industry orientated corp with a focus on developing our expertise in Manufacturing, blueprint Research and Invention. Somebody has to build all the stuff that is blown up in New Eden, right?

"The line between disorder and order lies in logistics…” - Sun Tzu.

When not mining or building, our members indulge in a bit of everything else on the side - even blowing stuff up. Or being blown up. Either way, we make a profit.

Is Voidrunner Republic new-player friendly?

Yes. Absolutely. We are open to players of any experience and members are expected to encourage and support each other.

What type of pilots are Voidrunner Republic looking for?

Regardless of experience we are primarily looking for capsuleers who demonstrate a mature attitude, common courtesy, open-mindedness, teamwork and a sense of humour.

Ideally, we are seeking pilots who're looking for a social Eve community; a place to make friends and swap experinces with players all around the world and who also share a common interest in the industrial and trading aspects of Eve.
Pilots who like to build stuff, not just do pew pew. We have miners, manufacturers, haulers, researchers, invention aficionados, planetary interaction specialists, traders etc. Even pilots who like spreadsheets, other than playing Eve.

We're also looking for players that are self-motivated when it comes to the 'sandbox' nature of life in New Eden. Whilst we run voluntary corp ops, you should not expect - or want - to have your hand held every time you log on, with other players organising your gameplay for you. There may be corps out there that do that, VRR are not one of them. Think of us a more like a private members club, where you meet up, rest and regroup with like minded Voiders to swap tall stories, advice and make deals.

We all do other activites too, but if you're looking for nullsec-style fleet wars or a platform to boast about your latest ridiculusly blingy but impractical ship, or your latest ignoble ganking of the defencless, then the Voidrunner Republic are not for you.

What time zones do the Voidrunner Republic operate in?

We accept applications from any time zone.

Is Voidrunner Republic a PvE or PvP core?

We are primarily a PVE focused corp, with PvP corp defensive operations when necessary. We welcome players regardless of their particular area of focus and plan to support our members in their endeavours. The proportion of PvE or PvP activities undertaken will be directly influenced by the membership, however Voidrunner Republic will encourage the broadest range of activities as practicable. NOTE: For our initial recruitment we will be concentrating on PVE orientated players whilst we organise and become familiar with our new members. From that base we plan successive recruitment drives to expand our range of pilots, including PvP.

Is Voidrunner Republic a pirate corp?

No. The Voidrunner Republic wants to support a broad range of activities for our members therefore encouraging illegal activities or war-declarations is not conducive to our plans. We want to establish a good corp reputation to allow our members, especially those industry orientated, to operate as safely and efficiently as possible. If anything, the Voidrunner Republic are ‘anti-pirate’ and will encourage and support our PvP in such activities.

Where is the Voidrunner Republic HQ?

HIRIZAN (0.5, Amarr Empire, Genesis>Reya) - Wiyrkomi Corporation NPC station. We also have a corp refinery (Athanor) and engineering complex (Raitaru) anchored in this system. No members will be expected to, or advised to, base all their assets at Hirizan. We suggest only such ships and equipment they need to join local corp operations.

Does the Voidrunner Republic have defined ‘Rules of Engagement’?

Yes. In summary we operate a Not Red, Don't Shoot - In high sec space and Not Blue, Shoot It (NBSI) in lowec/nullsec space. All members will have access to our detailed Rules of Engagement.

Do you require security checks before a membership application is accepted?

We do perform some basic background checks when you apply. Member access to corp assets is controlled and audited by role. However, this may change in the future if the value of corp assets makes a more stringent security check prudent prior to a membership application being accepted. We may also request aspiring applicants to initially spend a defined period flying and socialising with our corp members via our public chat channel, prior to any formal membership.

Members are required to log into the EVE help centre and makes sure that no Third Party application (or previous corp, via API keys) still has access to character information that could compromise VRR such as corp mail access.

Members are also asked to confirm and agree the corp Code of Conduct policy.

Does Voidrunner Republic support or encourage roleplay?

We have no plans to operate in this way as it would be very restrictive – apart from the usual chat channel banter regarding Minmatar ships and rust! Applications from all empire faction pilots are welcome.

Does the corp focus on any particular career?

Although our members are primarily industry orientated, this does not mean our members don't delve into any and all aspects of what Eve has to offer. We would never seek to limit any of our members ambitions.

Voidrunner Republic plans to develop the broadest range of activities as possible. In practice this will be inevitably influenced by the membership as the corp grows and areas of focus may appear from time to time. However, the Voidrunner Republic will strive to maintain a comprehensive approach.

What is the corp tax rate?

Currently 1%. Voidrunner Republic will always endeavour to maintain the lowest corporation tax as possible for our members. The tax rate may increase to support corp initiatives or extraordinary circumstances – or decrease below 1% if practicable. However, the Voidrunner Republic is committed to never exceeding 2%.

Does the Voidrunner Republic plan to deploy or own upwell structures, such as refineries, engineering complexes etc?

Yes. We already have an Athanor refinery and a Raitaru engineering complex anchored in Hirizan, our home system, offering boosted station yield reprocessing for asteroid ores, moon ores and ice. We also have Manufacturing, Research and Invention services, and a varied Moon Mining drilling schedule. Further expansion our corp assets will be arranged as needed.

Will there be regular corp operations?

Yes. This is at the heart of our corp ethos. We hope to recruit or encourage members to take up the roles of Activity Leads to ensure we have a variety of regular, planned corp events.

Are members expected to participate in corp operations?

No. All corp activities are absolutely optional and no member should ever feel obligated to take part. Real life comes first!

Are members expected to log on regularly / have an Inactive member policy?

In order to keep our numbers reasonable and the corporation generally active, we remove members who have not logged into the game at all in over 3 months. The limit is intended to avoid removing members taking short term breaks from the game for holidays etc, while still remaining low enough to ensure an active player base. Very rarely, someone who has contributed a significant amount to Voidrunner Republic - normally as a Director or long-standing Activity Lead - will be given Long Term Inactive (LTI) status, meaning they will not be removed for inactivity. However, this is something that is gifted rather than requested. If a member needs to take a break from the game for any reason, they are welcome to drop Voidrunner Republic of their own accord if they wish to. Being removed for inactivity will not affect a member's ability to apply to re-join Voidrunner Republic later on and if they apply to re-join within 30 days of being removed, they will qualify for fast track re-entrance.

Does the corp provide ships, modules, etc for corp events?

Yes. Voidrunner Republic plans from the outset to start building up corp assets, such as ships, spare modules, skillbooks, ammo and an on-demand blueprint library for use by our members

Does Voidrunner Republic have a Discord channel?

Yes. You can find it here - VRR DISCORD NOTE: using Discord is not mandatory, except for specific fleet operations where clear, concise and efficient communication is required, for example PvP fleets.

Is there a defined corp hierarchy of roles and titles?

Yes. Voidrunner Republic is organised with a structured approach, with all its members having defined roles and titles.

Is there a ‘grand plan’ for the Voidrunner Republics development?

Yes. All members will have access to the corp goals and objectives for the short, medium and long-term.

Are ‘alts’ allowed to join?

Yes. Members can have a maximum of 3 characters in the corp - one 'primary' and two alts. All members must declare their in-corp ‘alts’ and be prepared to have them listed in a private corp members area. It's also sometimes useful to keep at least one 'alt' outwith the corp in case VRR is ever in a War Declared status.

Will special member services be provided?

Yes. Voidrunner Republic plan to provide as many member services as practical. Inevitably the range of services available will be limited during the initial stages of the corp development, however developing our range of member services will be important to our expansion initiatives.

Is there a code of conduct for members?

Yes. Apart from the in-game EULA, successful Voidrunner Republic applicants will be provided a link to the corp Code of Conduct policy as part of their welcome mail.