Voidrunner Republic Structure & Roles

Essentially, the Voidrunner Republic want an active corp where all members can optionally participate in regular corp organised activities, planned in advance.


A corp where members know they can log on at a certain time to join a planned fleet op, whether that be something they are familiar with or dipping their toe into something unfamiliar in the knowledge it will be led by a fellow member with experience in that area.

We don’t want a corp where the members spend their precious game-time ‘spinning hanger ships’ hoping that someone will form an ad-hoc fleet. That is not a corp that is likely to flourish.

An efficient corp will have a defined hierarchy so members know who they can go to if they need help or guidance. We will create custom Titles with their associated level of role access for all members. This also helps ensure the day-to-day functioning of the corp continues when other members are offline or taking time out on an extended ‘Eve-break’.

Corp structure

 CEO:  The Buck stops here’. The player and corp founder who holds the ultimate responsibility for all corp activity, diplomacy, recruitment, strategy and goals.

Director(s): corp members who have the same access, roles and overall corp responsibilities as the CEO and are prepared to represent the CEO in their absence. Alongside the CEO, Directors also have responsibility for corp recruitment and, if required, may also have defined areas of leadership for a subset of Activity Leads.

Activity Lead: Activity Leads are key to our strategy and are at the heart of Voidrunner Republic. This role provides an opportunity for members to take an active part helping to administer the corp and share their knowledge and experience with their fellow Voiders. 


Activity Leads are members who provide focus and guidance for a particular Eve activity that falls within their area of proficiency, such as exploration, mining, mission running, production, encounters, PvP fleets etc.  As he corp evolves, the extent of these roles will inevitably will be determined by the individual proclivities of the membership. The area of focus for an Activity Lead can be as narrow or as broad-based as required. 

Additional responsibilities

  • Organising regular scheduled corp events ( if applicable to their role)

  • Updating and moderating the private corp forum, The Salty Capsuleer

  • Updating and moderating the VRR Discord server

  • Have access to voice comms

  • Coordinating with other Activity Leads

  • Upholding the VRR Code of Conduct, when neccessary  

Example Additional roles: Communications Officer, Config Equipment, Fitting Manager, Personnel Manager, Star base Defence Operator, Star base Fuel Technician, Factory Manager, Rent factory Slot, Rent Research Slot

Activity Leads have access to additional corp hangers and wallet divisions as neccesary for thir role and access to an exclusive VRR Activity Leads in-game chat channel.

Voidrunner: a full corp member with all the associated roles to fully participate in corp activities and have access to unrestricted corp hangers. The majority of members will have this title.

Additional granted roles: Star base Defence Operator

As opportunities arise, new titles and roles will inevitably be created or adjusted. But at least we hope we've demonstrated to potential recruits our commitment to a more structured corp experience.