How to join Voidrunner Republic

If you like what you see here and are interested in learning more about Voidrunner Republic, you’re most welcome to contact VRR via the following in-game methods for a quick, casual chat.


Before you do, we highly recommend taking a look at our Frequently Asked Questions and Code of Conduct before contacting VRR to help you decide if we're the right fit for you. It will save us all a lot of game time if you do!

  • Join the in-game ‘Voidrunner Recruitment’ chat channel to formerly apply, or

  • Join the in-game 'Voidrunner Public' chat channel simply to hang with some of our members and allied pilots for a while. This may offered as a temporary measure in some circumstances  before applicants make any formal commitments.

Requirements: Successful applicants will need to agree to our Code of Conduct and log into the EVE help centre and makes sure that no Third Party application (or previous corp, via API keys) still has access to character information that could compromise VRR, such as corp mail access.

Voidrunner Republic only accept a maximum of three characters (one primary and two 'alts') per member.

Voidrunner Republic are currently recruiting from all time zones. We currently have members from the UK, EU, US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.


We are primarily seeking new players just starting their adventures in New Eden, and also returning  industry orientated players who’re looking for a fresh start in Hi-Sec space or an opportunity to use their talents to help build a new corp.


Above all, pilots with a mature attitude, common courtesy, open-mindedness, self-motivation and a sense of humour are sought. Grizzled old pirate PvP blowhards need not apply.

See you in New Eden!