Voidrunner Republic Member Services

Realistically, when a corp first starts out the range of deliverable member services will be limited. As the corp grows, it will be a key focus for Voidrunner Republic to offer the range of benefits demanded by our members.  

Current Member services:

  • Free Fenrir and Bowhead freighter service for moving ships and kit within Hi-Sec space

  • Orca industrial command ship boosts for miners

  • Access to corp refineryengineering complex  - 0%  tax for members

  • Corp owned Reprocessing, Manufacturing, Research, Invention & Market services

  • Boosted refining yields for asteroid ore, ice and moon rocks

  • Optional Ore Buyback scheme

  • Regular corp Moon Mining operations

  • Access to L4 mission security agent fleet ops

  • Free personal Warehouse containers provided at HQ & at corp structures

  • Corp ships for pvp fleets

  • Weekly corp newsletter

  • Access to private members area & forum on this website (optional)

  • Help & guidance for new pilots

  • 1% corp tax (0% at our structures)

  • Discord server (optional )

Typical VRR member activity examples:


  • Mission running (all levels/types)

  • Emerging Conduits

  • Abyssal Deadspace

  • Exploration / Wormholes

  • Relic, Data & Combat sites

  • Belt, Ice, Conduit & Moon Mining

  • Planetary Interaction (PI)

  • Manufacturing, Research and T2 Invention

  • FOB (Pirate Stronghold, Forward Operating Base) demolition